(Marma Abhyanga)

£tba | 1 Hour

(Back & legs only)

£tba | 1.5 Hours

(Full body)

Why not combine with a 

Ayurvedic Holistic Glow Facial

 this will leave you completely centred & truly relaxed

Full Body.jpg

Warm dosha specific oil is massaged over the body to encourage energy flow bringing a busy mind back in to calm focus, combining pressure to specific marma (vital) points all over the body and yogic stretches of the joints.


The ayurvedic medicinal properties in the oil are absorbed in the skins tissue, eliminating toxins and relieving muscle and joint pain, whilst the oil nourishes and hydrating the skin, bringing 

physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance in the body.

Benefits of a Ayurverdic Full Body Oil Massage include:

• Deeply relaxing and soothing

• Reduces fatigue

Increases vitality, rejuvenating, repairing

• Helps with stress and anxiety

• Releases “Feel Good” chemicals

• Nourishes the skin

• Enables you to truly unwind


This massage requires you to remove all clothing, except for your underwear. You will be comfortably covered with a sarong for the duration of the massage.

All treatment times include consultation and resting time.