(Soundaryam Vardhini)

£tba | 50 Minutes

Why not combine with a 

Lower Leg and Foot Massage

 this will give you the greatest sense of calm & grounding

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Harnessing the power of Tri-Dosha’s pure range of Ayurvedic natural products,

made from wild-grown medicinal herbs, this is a facial that goes beyond the norm.

It starts by cleansing the skin with Tri-Dosha cleanser, then a soft face scrub,

formulated with powerful ingredients Sandalwood and Ramacham, is applied.

Following this, an Ayurvedic facial massage, using soft bundles filled with herbs

is carried out to boost energy flow.


Next, a face mask of neem and sariva is left on to work its magic, 

while a soothing head massage whisks stresses away.


To finish, a moisturiser is massaged in using circular motions over marma points, it helps reduce facial tension, tighten and tones the skin and leaving a bright and nourished complexion.


This healing facial, targets the signs of ageing, combating fine lines and wrinkles,

while encouraging super hydrated skin, your complexion will look smoother, brighter and more relaxed, as emotionally, layers of tension are lifted away, leaving you truly relaxed and centred. 


Benefits of a Ayurvedic Holistic Glow Facial include:

• Anti-aging

• Relaxes the muscles

• Helps to reduce problem lines

• Lymphatic drainage

• Improves circulation and texture of the skin

• Enhances radiance

• Revitalises the skin

• Helps improve mental wellness

• Enables you to truly unwind


This massage requires you to remove your top so your shoulders are bare. You will be comfortably covered with a sarong for the duration of the massage.

All treatment times include consultation and resting time.