£30 | 30 Minutes

Massage are always over to soon,

why not extend your time

and add on a

Mini Foot and Hand Treatment

Full Body Back Massage Appledore North Deovn
Full Body Massage Appledore North Devon
Head Massage Appledore North Devon

This relaxing massage attends to the back, shoulders, neck and head, teasing out tensions, easing pain and encouraging both mind and body to unwind.


Benefits of a Back, Shoulder and Head Massage include:

• Releases tightness and tension

• Increases flexibility

• Helps relieve stress and fatigue

• Induces a feeling of well-being

• A blissful experience

Note: This massage requires you to remove your top, you will be comfortably covered with a towel for the duration of the massage.

All treatment times include consultation and resting time.