£tba | 30 Minutes

£tba | 20 minutes (When combined with a Herbal  Detox Massage )

A treatment that originated in India, this soft cleansing treatment uses specific

ground Ayurvedic herbs which are applied to the body dry and vigorously rubbed with fast upward massage strokes over the body, the penetrating herbs create heat in the body 

which helps draw out impurities, reduces water retention and increases circulation.


The natural ingredients also gently exfoliate, leaving lustre to the skin surface and

a feeling of silky soft smoothness


Benefits of a Herbal Detox Body Scrub include:

• Increases poor circulation

• Cleanses skin

• Helps draw out impurities

• Reduces cellulite 

• Exfoliates the skin

• Leaves the skin nourished, glowing and soft


This massage requires you to remove all clothing, except for your underwear. You will be comfortably covered with a sarong for the duration of the massage.

All treatment times include consultation and resting time.

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