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 Ayurveda works by assessing and treating the whole person, rather than just isolated symptoms, through a holistic toolkit of massage, yoga, meditation, nutrition and herbs.

​ Are you feeling burnt out and exhausted? We all have those days – weeks even – when we’re just not feeling it. To remedy this, I’ve created a course of specialist treatments using 100% wildcrafted products from Tri-Dosha, combined with specialised relaxation techniques to help restore and energise.​

We start our journey together with a 45 minute Ayurvedic consultation, where we will talk about the Indian holistic system and discover the balance of your Doshas – Vatta, Pitta and Kapha. Using this knowledge, you will learn how Ayurveda can support more healthy living in the long term.


We’ll discuss what adjustment you can make to your lifestyle for maximum effect and what to do if things ever feel off-balance. Together we will explore what practices will best support your ability to love and to grow, to achieve and to heal.

What works best for one doesn’t always suit another.

After our initial consultation, I will design a bespoke programme around your Dosha type, where you will discover new personal wellbeing with a combination of my most restorative treatments, carefully selected and customised breath work and meditation all inspired by Ayurveda.

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