Moroccan Back Candle Massage -

with an Exfoliation and Cleanse 

£40 / 40 minutes

A back massage with a difference! 

The scent of more than 60 roses flow into the treatment room, the sound of the Moroccan drum beats in time with the rhythm of your heartbeat, setting the right mood to enhance your multi-sensory experience.

The treatment starts with an exfoliation with Hammam Spa 'Kessa Mitts to encourage the removal of dead skin cells, a hot towel is place on your back to open your pores, your back is then cleansed with fair trade sourced Moroccan Black Beidi Soap, a great emollient and moisturiser, rich in vitamin E its revitalising and counters dehydration and ageing, followed by a Melted Otto Rose candle, the natural soy wax, mixed with almond oil and shea butter melts at a low temperature, allowing the Therapist to pour the hand-hot, soy wax onto your back and then it is used as a luxury massage medium to give a divine back massage, leaving you deeply relaxed and your skin silky smooth.

This treatment touches all senses and brings texture, warmth, scent, therapeutic, cleansing and hydrating benefits of both massage and skin treatment together in one. Its a wonderful journey into warmth and tranquility. Blissful…

Benefits of this wonderful treatment include:

• Relieves lower back pain and tension from upper back

• Reduces stiffness and improves flexibility
• Stimulates Lymphatic drainage
• Releases “Feel Good” chemicals
• Helps remove toxins
• Eases stress, improving sleep
• Rose Otto is a powerful ingredient as it fights depression, reduces inflammation and is an anti oxidant, allowing your skin to get the right amount of oxygen to be healthy and smooth

Candle pouring two.jpg


For just £10

why not add on one of these mini treatments:

Head and Face Massage 

Hand Massage

Foot Massage 


add two of the above mini treatments for £20


add all three of the above mini treatments for £30

Note: This massage requires you to remove just your top. You will be comfortably covered in towels for the duration of the massage.

All treatment times include consultation and resting time.