Hawaiian Hot Stones Lomi Lomi

(Available for Female clients only)

£95 / 1.5 hours
£125 / 2 hours

A calming and soothing massage, that works on many levels, mind, body and soul. It can do wonders in giving you an emotional boost, leaving you with a happier and more positive outlook on life.


It combines the long rhythmic strokes of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi with the gliding of hot stones along the body, the heat from the stones relaxes the muscles allowing for a much deeper massage.


  • Promotes deep muscle and tissue relaxation

  • Reduces muscle pain

  • Alleviates stress and induces a feeling of well-being

  • Improves the circulation and energy flow



Hot Stone Massage

Note: Hawaiian Lomi Lomi uses lots of oil! To protect your clothing you will be offered disposable paper underwear :-) You will also be draped with towels/sheets at all times to ensure your comfort and modesty.

All treatment times include consultation and resting time.