Thai Foot & Hand Massage​

£50 / 50 Minutes


​Been for a long Hike? or on your feet all day? Struggling to control a surfboard or been busy surfing the net? Your feet and hands work hard for you, so why not treat them to the pampering they deserve? This massage is pure relaxation, and will leave you feeling light footed and refreshed.


  • Deep state of relaxation

  • Reduces stiffness and aches in your forearms, hands and feet

  • Stimulates not only the muscles on your feet, but also has a positive effect on the whole body

  • It feels wonderful, making you feel revived and ready for your next activity

Thai Foot Massage
Note: You will remain clothed for this massage, except your legs (from the thigh down), and arms (from the elbow down) are bare. Organic coconut oil is used.

All treatment times include consultation and resting time.