FAQ and Conditions


Here are some commonly asked questions to help you prepare for your visit.

How much time should I allow?

​Please allow 5 minutes before the start of your session to complete our indemnity form, and answer a few brief questions. I will ask you about your general health, any injuries or illnesses which may impact on the massage, and also discuss what you'd like to achieve with this massage.

It's also best to allow 5-10 minutes at the conclusion of your massage to sit and take in your surroundings, drink some water and relax. This gives your body time to acclimatise and rehydrate after the massage, and will add to your post-massage sense of well being.


Will I need to take my clothes off?

In order to massage, I need clear access to the area of the body being worked on. For some massages, this may mean removing just your jeans, or top.


For all full body massages - especially Lomi Lomi - it is best to remove all clothing, including all undergarments. For these massages, you can replace your own underwear with disposable paper underwear. Please just go with whatever you're comfortable with.


Be assured that, with the exception of the body part being worked on, you will remain fully covered in towels or a sarong the duration of the massage and that you will be given complete privacy to dress and undress. 


All massages are strictly non-sexual, I DO NOT do naturalist/tantric massages. 


Will I need to shower, before or after the massage?

Every massage therapist appreciates a clean body, but don't worry if you're coming straight here after a day of activities - we have tea tree wipes to freshen you up if you've been very active and sweating!


Most of the excess oil will be rubbed off with towels upon completion of your massage, but you'll most likely want to take a shower before heading out for your next round of activities.

For fully clothed massages, no oil is used, so a shower won't be necessary.


Should I come if I'm feeling unwell?

​If you have a fever or are feeling unwell, please call me to discuss/reschedule your appointment. Massage stimulates the lymphatic system, and can rapidly spread bugs around your whole body, leaving you much sicker than you were before the massage.


Due to the close physical contact involved in a massage, you're highly likely to spread your bugs to the massage therapist, as well as to clients who visit after you.


What if it hurts, or I'm not enjoying it?

​We all have individual preferences when it comes to pressure, and the areas we'd like worked on and avoided. We will discuss this before the massage begins, but if, at any stage throughout the massage, you would like the pressure varied, or more or less attention paid to an area, simply let me know.

People can be too afraid to speak up during a massage, believing that the therapist knows what's good for them, but if you'd like something done differently, just ask. It is your massage, after all!


Cancellations and No Shows

If you are unable to attend your appointment, please call me as soon as possible to re-schedule.

Should you need to cancel less than 12 hours prior to your appointment  you will incur a 50% charge.

If you do not turn up for your appointment you will incur the full charge of the treatment.


Sexual Misconduct

All massages are strictly non-sexual, and sexual misconduct is forbidden.

Any illicit or sexually aggressive remarks, advances or gestures will result in the immediate termination of the session.






















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