Deep Tissue Back & Head Massage

£50 / 1 hour

For those who prefer, there is a deeper treatment, focusing on treating specific problem areas on your back, shoulders and neck, finishing with a little relaxation on the head and face. Ideal for surfers after catching a few waves, sports enthusiasts after an energetic session,  workers who use their body physically or for anyone that likes a firmer massage.


  • Working tension out of your sore points

  • Reducing stiffness and muscular pain

  • Increasing your flexibility


Note: To effectively treat problem areas, multiple sessions are usually required.​

Deep Tissue Massage
Zen Stones

For just £10

why not add Hot Stones

To help ease tension and pain,

relax muscles even more, 

aiding  healing and increasing flexibility and range of motion.

Not to mention it feels just wonderful.......................

This massages requires you to remove just your top, organic coconut oil is used. You will be comfortably covered in towels for the duration of the massage.

All treatment times include consultation and resting time.