Pregnancy Massage

£30 /  30 minutes (Back/Shoulder/Neck/Head)
£60 / 1 hour (& Face/Arms/Hands/Legs/Feet
£70  / 1 hour 10 minutes​ (& Abdomen)


Massage during pregnancy can be of enormous benefit not only to the mother but also to the unborn baby. It emotionally and physiologically supports a woman during a time when her body is undergoing many changes and can help prepare her body for birth. Research shows that the baby can benefit greatly from massage as 'feel good' endorphins are released by the mother during massage are then passed onto the baby.


So why not treat yourself to this nurturing massage. The rhythmic strokes are designed to work in harmony with your breathing to deepen relaxation. Your comfort is paramount, you can move at any time and go to the toilet when you need. The first half hour treatment is seated and then your moved on to the table, so you never have to lie in one position for to long. I use a range of pillows, cushions and blankets to keep you and your baby comfortable.

I can be there to support and help you in your preparation for childbirth from 12 weeks onwards our journey together can start, I can even teach your birthing partner some of the most relaxing techniques to help you between appointments and help you have a positive birth experience.

• Promotes relaxation

• Alleviation of anxiety and stress
• Aids co-ordination of breathing

• Eases muscle tightness, tension and stiffness
• Improves circulation

• Aids the digestive process

• Helps you to get a good nights sleep

• Promotes bonding and closeness with your baby

• Enables you to truly unwind

Relaxing Back Massage

Note: This massage requires you to remove all clothing, except for your underwear. You will be comfortably covered with a Sarong/Towels for the duration of the massage.

All treatment times include consultation and resting time.